PAATH’s Technology Suite

Adapting human sports science for equine health and performance

PAATH gives horses the same sports science support as their human counterparts.

PAATH’S Technology Suite

Data is the Driver

Data is the biggest driver in sports today. We apply the analytical approaches fo world-class runners and cyclists to our equine athletes. PAATH gauges everything from cardio and metabolic function to hydration through proven human performance technologies.

  • Horseshoe and hoof-based sensors for complete gait analysis and health stats.
  • Small applied sensors for data gathering from hundreds of additional points.
  • Smart saddles and sensor saddle pads to enhance the horse-to-rider connection.

Sensors embedded in a durable composite shoe

System Process

Applied sensors measure 3 separate data types across patient movements.

Proprietary software analyzes data and compiles user reports on selected devices.

The software platform provides live sharable updates in a viewer-friendly format.

Solution: PAATH Equine Technologies

Hardware and installation

One-time upfront cost for the devices – applicable to equine patients or human users

Monthly software subscription

Provides users access to an optimized database for real­time reporting

Seamless syncing across all PAATH devices

Repeatable applications and installations for multiple horses, riders, and other users


Lightweight, durable devices and sensors applied to the hoof and body assess equine health indicators:

  • Hoof impact forces
  • Hoof break-over
  • Horse symmetry

Machine learning and optimized algorithms produce complete data reports of the highest-possible accuracy.

Supported by our collaborative engineering and educational teams.

Already proven in human sports and aerospace.

Global data gathering capabilities support any horse, at any location, at any time for any user.

Amplifies real-time reporting with real-world usability and repeatability.

PAATH Equine Technologies, LLC

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