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What is PAATH?

Innovation Through Wisdom

PAATH is a passionate team of empathic, experienced and innovative thinkers committed to looking at all ways to help a horse – no matter how crazy or complex. We believe that compassion coupled with innovation can change the world.  We care deeply about the horses that touch our lives as well as the ones we will never meet.  It’s our mission to make horses happier, healthier and better performers.

When you see an athlete on a podium or an equine champion sporting a blanket of roses, you know that it took a team of smart, dedicated people to help create that success. PAATH is taking that winning formula and using it to bring breakthroughs to horse health, well-being and performance.

You see, we understand that astounding innovations and solutions emerge when we bring diverse expertise together. By gathering the best minds from diverse fields and technical backgrounds, ranging from big-picture to detail-oriented thinkers, we have formed a team that can operate outside the box towards new concepts, while focusing on the finer elements to attain ongoing, incremental improvements.

Our Process Includes:

  • Capturing and preserving relevant wisdom and experience of horsemen and horsewomen of the past.
  • Creating technologies when and where they are helpful.
  • Cultivating advanced thinking, best practices, great products and ongoing innovation in the equine industry.
  • Supporting our patients and customers with our Grade A team of dedicated personnel – from veterinarians to engineers to analysts and beyond.

Problem: the Health Battle

High prevalence of lameness, colic, breakdown costs thousands of animal lives and billions annually: $850m for lameness and $350 for colic alone.

Limited and inaccurate assessment protocols currently use operate on subjective expertise and observations.

Current tools and processes are expensive, functionally, impractical, and provide insufficient data – especially compared to those available in human health and sport.

Solution: PAATH Equine Technologies


Cost-effective tools enhance care decisions, uphold sport safety standards, and protect assets.

Used by equine professionals, governing bodies and insurers.


State-of-the-art equine health monitors for gait analysis and lameness detection.

Blends data analytics and machine learning precision with real-time reporting.


Live data direct from PAATH’s interfaces to user devices.

Sensor technology is usable under myriad conditions.

Global software application viewable any time, anywhere.

PAATH Equine Technologies, LLC

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Michael Engleman, Founder & CEO

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